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The University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Architecture is conducting a call for entries for the 23rd edition of Dichotomy.

Dichotomy, a student published journal, strives to be a critical link between UDM students and the discourses on design, architecture, urbanism, and community development. Like the institution, Dichotomy focuses on social justice and critical thought concerning intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development both in and outside of Detroit. The aim of Dichotomy is to disseminate these relevant investigations conducted by students, faculty, and professionals.

The theme of Dichotomy 23 is Hungry

To be Hungry is to experience a complex sensation which necessitates a feeling of emptiness that is often unpleasant. A sensation which left unattended can evolve into a craving that dominates our every thought and action. Being hungry is self-perpetuating; and once the deficit is filled we become increasingly dependent, increasingly desirous.

Dichotomy 23 invites you…

…to get your fill, relieve your appetites, reach out for your desires, and feed your creativity. Submissions should consider Hungry as a sense of longing relief from the starving, barren, and otherwise dissatisfied, as well as its relation to the discourse of architecture, urbanism, design, and all the arts in between.

Abstract Deadline: December 1st, 2016

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words with three images in PDF format and may be submitted here at or to

  • Final articles may be in a wide variety of forms, including projects, scholarly papers, photo essays, poetry or interviews.
  • Notification of entries to be published will be sent by December 16th, 2016 with final submissions due February 7th, 2017.
  • Staff will select between eight to twelve articles to be published in April 2016.
  • Previous issues may be viewed at
  • Questions can be addressed to
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