Dichotomy, a student published journal of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture, strives to be the critical link to the discourse on design, architecture, urbanism, and community development. Like the institution, Dichotomy focuses on social justice and critical thought concerning intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development issues occurring in and outside of Detroit. The aim of Dichotomy is to disseminate these relevant investigations conducted by students, faculty, and professionals.

Since 1978, Dichotomy has been a repository of academic discourse from students and professors as well as luminaries in the fields of architecture and design.  Each issue focuses on a simple yet provocative theme around which articles and featured projects are curated.




Contact us with any questions at dichotomyudm@gmail.com


Current Staff

Faculty Advisors: Noah Resnick & Tadd Heidgerken

  • Emily Melcher, Editor
  • Jeff Stall, Business Manager
  • George Morkos
  • Rachel Pisano
  • Da’Carla Strong
  • Anthony Botezau
  • Sean Duranovich
  • Maria Jose
  • Philip Jurkowski
  • Shalaleh Kasebi
  • Alyssa Monroe
  • Redouane Ourlissene



Want to purchase a physical copy of Dichotomy? Back issues including 18: Rumspringa, 19: Ugly, 20: Old, 21: Odds, and 22: Creep may be purchased at the following local, independent-bookstores:

Book Beat [Oak Park]

Pages Bookshop [Detroit]

New Horizons [Roseville]

Any copy may be acquired through purchase by contacting dichotomyudm@gmail.com