Corrie Baldauf, contributor and book launch speaker for Dichotomy 21 recently received an article with Design Boom:

From Zero to Hero: Corrie Baldauf Celebrates London’s Television Centre

Read articles at Design Boom and HyperAllergic! Also read her article in Dichotomy 21: Odds, titled “Digital Intimacy,” pages 88-107.

Entitled ‘Gold Zero’, the project was commissioned by White Noise — a publication dedicated to the people and places of London’s ‘White City’ district. Beginning on the uppermost ramp of the Television Centre’s car park, the golden line wraps itself around the outside of the tower and continues onto the building’s roof to form a perfect circle from above.


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Corrie Baldauf was attracted to the rapidly growing architecture of the ‘White City’ district where the Centre stands. After completing a three month international residency with London’s Griffin Gallery, Baldauf saw the project as a chance to both celebrate the rapidly transforming area, and mark the end of her residency.





The work is intended as an ephemeral addition to the London landmark, gradually to be worn away as cars follow the artist’s yellow road to the top of the tower. Created by a group of volunteers and over 200 liters of gold Liquitex paint, the circlet can only be fully appreciated from above.




Dichotomy 21: Odds; Digital Intimacy by Corrie Baldauf, pgs. 88-107