The term geodesics is a contemporary geometric title ascribed to the arcs on a spherical surface which represents the shortest distance between any two points on that surface. When applied to architectural spanning devices it becomes. “…a frame of generally spherical form in which the main structural elements are interconnected in a geodesic pattern of approximate great circle arcs intersecting to form a three-way grid,…” (From R.B. Fuller, U.S. Pat. No. 2-682-235)

The following primer concerns itself with some of the basic principles which have underlines investigations into geodesic structures. Although the scope is somewhat limited, the author wishes to relate sufficient background so as to familiarize the reader with criterion necessary to spherical design. In an attempt to offset supplementary references we have treated geodesic domes as developments of polyhedra and it is at this point our investigation begins.

Geodesics: Edward Popko